Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I slept in past my alarm today. Well that's not exactly true. I made the conscious decision not to get up since I was so tired and so comfortable in bed. I needed it. I took the bus in as usual and it was quite different riding on the morning bus rather than the early morning. For one thing there is sunlight and the people seem more decrepit than usual. The bus from downtown to the med center was awful. There was this terrible odor as soon as you walked on. I'm pretty sure it was organic but it was hard to tell. I thought I was going to pass out. The woman next to me had a hankerchief over her face it was too much for her to tolerate. It didn't help that there was a rather disgusting man grazing on a bag of "pigs in a blanket." He was chewing them open mouthed and was eating them so fast. I don't know how he did it amidst all the stench. Oh the humanity.

Citizens of California. YOU'RE STUPID. How could you elect Arnold Schwarexsdfsegger as your governor? How on earth is that man going to do any better than Gray Davis? The problems that California has are not Davis' fault anyway. Its Enron's fault and Bush's fault for cutting taxes so that the states no longer have support from the federal government. Schwarszerdfslfgjegger is not going to fix anything. He's all flash and talk. You've all been fooled by his consummate acting. He's going to sit in the capitol and grope breasts, "heil Hitler," and cry himself to sleep out of depression from losing his physique. Meanwhile the state of California, once the most progressive, will spiral into the dark ages and be cinders in the flames of Awnolds ambition. Enjoy your governor California: don't forget to buy the Terminator Trilogy Box Set this Christmas loaded with behind the scenes extras of breast groping and Nazi sympathizing.

Another thought on Scwaadfskjlfhdjhegger. My best friend Heather, a California resident that still has use of her faculties, made a really interesting comment in an email the other day. How come when Arnold Scwahefslkdjegger admits to groping women without their consent its all OK and when Bill Clinton has CONSENTUAL relationships, extramarital but still consentual, he's a pervert?


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