Wednesday, January 05, 2005

alternate: The Neverending Story This article is interesting. I agree with some of it, then again some of it doesn't quite jive with my sensibilities. I have to agree with the commentary about the compassion of the human race just being a few inches under the surface and how the media dictates when it is and isn't okay to feel sorry for other people suffering around the world.

I personally think about all of the human suffering around the world on a daily basis. Maybe its because I work in scientific research and I like to think that the work I'm doing today might help someone in the near future. I think it would do everyone some good to take time and reflect on how your actions might serve other people in the world that might be suffering. You shouldnt change your profession per SE but it would help a lot if everyone did some research on the net about a charity that could help others that are in need. If you step back and told the story of the last couple of weeks to someone from the suitable headline might sound hyperbolic, "Human compassion sparked only by the the force of Tsunami." Sadly this isn't an exaggeration.


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