Thursday, October 09, 2003

Why can no one see, except for me and few of my close friends, how disparaging our president is towards the American people. In a speech today the president said that the situation in Iraq is "a lot better than you probably think." What is that supposed to mean, that the American people do not have the capacity to understand what is really going on there? Perhaps the images we see on the news of Iraqis without food, running water, and electricity are all fake? The Blog on this very site that documents the dissatisfaction of a once optimistic Iraqi woman is all false? Hardly believeable. The president has no regard for the American people nor does his administration. They simply want us to comply with what they think is best. They ignore public opinion and dismiss protestors as uninformed, unpatriotic citizens Furthermore it has become abundantly clear that the Bush administration has no intention of providing an unambiguous plan for the reconstruction of Iraq.

Instead, Bush uses his typical rhetoric in his speech like, "Who can possibly think that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power?" It is simply asinine and juvenile to use that kind of rhetoric at this point with the situation in Iraq. Sadly though its the only form of logic that the president can understand himself. It also acts as a shield for the president because no one could possibly answer "I think the world would be better." Therefore his speeches do not allow any room for debate and he is immune to explaining himself.

He added in his speech's today about how the media is making it seem that Iraq is worse off than it really is. "Life is getting better; it's a lot better than you probably think...Just ask people who have been there. They're stunned when they come back -- when they go to Iraq and the stories they tell are much different from the perceptions that you're being told life is like." Who are these people I'd like to know. What people are telling these stories? Are they Iraqis that went on holiday jut before the invasion and have come back to see that the pothole in front of their house has been filled so that the US army's vehicles don't get damaged riding in the streets of Baghdad? This is our president ladies and gentlemen: he uses unsupported data in a formal speech. Brilliant!

I hope all the NSA desk jockeys read this. Maybe I should put more keywords in it so they pick it up faster with their sophisticated Google searches that they do to monitor national security.



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