Saturday, January 29, 2005

I just got done watching Troy and wow what a mess that movie was. First of all the most blaring inaacuracy in the movie is that Agememnon did not die at Troy. He dies when he returns to Mycenae, killed by his wife Clitomnestra. She kills him because he had his daughter sacrificed to Posiedon so that he wouldnt be stuck at sea.

The first 20 minutes of this movie were agonizing. Every scene kept repeating ad nauseum that this was an epic war. It also seemed that the characters in the movie are pre- cognitive of thier legacies, they somehow know that they are epic characters. I thought Achilles' was portrayed as some kind matrix-like superhuman. Ridiculous. Also I couldnt quite pin down what Brad Pitt was trying to accomplish in the way of an accent. It was a mix between british and a roided out venice beach bodybuilder. Peter O'Toole looked like an aged gay man the entire time and whenever Orlando Bloom and the hack of an actress that played Helen were on screen I wanted to barf. This movie was a piece of trash. Im so glad it flopped. I hate movies.


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