Monday, October 13, 2003

Why must the MPAA be so rude and insolent (hehehe its an inside joke). Really though why cant they come up with a better solution to the screening DVD problem. Eliminating screening DVDs is so transparent. Its so obvious that the major studios give a rats ass about piracy. Instead they want to eliminate smaller independent film competition at the academy awards. Maybe if they stopped producing crapfest films they might get a nod every once in a while. Not like the academy awards matter. That's a joke in itself. The most self indulgent and decadent display of Hollywood excess all year. Why cant Hollywood have some humility? It seems that every time you turn on the TV the biggest stars in the world are patting themselves on the back from some thing or another. Just do your jobs and do them well and go home like the rest of us. The MPAA should use the self destructing DVD concept that Disney was going to use for their DVDs.

Once again there is evidence that things in Iraq are worse than we probably think, contrary to what the president of this fine country says of course. I recently saw an article that the frequency of suicide in active duty servicemen in Iraq has increased since after the combat phase of the invasion of Iraq was declared over (Notice I will always refer to the "war" in Iraq as an invasion. In my opinion to have a war the opposite side should have reasonable means to hold you back.). I guess things in Iraq must be fanf*ckingtastik! So great that troops are just killing themselves because they are just having too much damn fun and life is so rich that it would just be like staring at the sun if they went on any longer. I'm going to go on orbitz right now and buy a ticket to Baghdad. Of course the president doesn't acknowledge this problem and whomever reported this statistic will most likely be stripped of their clothes , forced to kiss Dick Cheney's fat ass, and impaled on the Washington monument all in the name of national security.

George Bush I hope the spirits of all those who have died at your hand haunt you every night and you have to become addicted to cocaine again to cope with it.

Disgusting Facts:

-George Bush has resolved to catch Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein but when it comes to the person that leaked the identity of a CIA operative "I doubt we'll be able to find this person." Thanks for dedication PREZ!

-Enron entertained members of Afghanistan's Taliban regime in Texas before the Sept 11 attacks in an effort to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan so as to outcompete Russian oil companies. In fact George Bush received correspondence directly from Ken Lay asking to show the Afghan men a good time. Keep in mind that at that time no nation in the world except for Pakistan had diplomatic relations with the Taliban because of their tyrannical policies. Lesson is: even though practically all the nations in the world wont have dealings with a tyrannical zealot-run government its ok for fat greedy white American men to do business with them at the expense of humanity.


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