Monday, December 13, 2004

Good Day! This article, Read here, in the times is so laughable. First of all, the Pentagon and the US military decieving the public is not something new. The article highlights the credibility gap that the government and the military experienced with the public during the conflict in Vietnam; hmm I think thats happening NOW too. I think its funny too how the article play with the idea that the media might report this misinformation. WHAT?! WOLF BLITZER WOULDNT BE ABLE TO TELL THE TRUTH FROM LIES?!!! NO IT CANT BE!!! Furthermore isnt this kind of strategy the same that the former Iraqi minister of Information used to use and we would all laught at? Perhaps regime change means "Invade the country and behave just like the dictator did but run up the American flag and call it DEMOCRACY!"

I love this quote from the aforementioned article: "In the battle of perception management, where the enemy is clearly using the media to help manage perceptions of the general public, our job is not perception management but to counter the enemy's perception management," said the chief Pentagon spokesman, Lawrence Di Rita.

Hooray For Chrismukkah


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