Sunday, December 12, 2004

Okay I think the time has definately come for new leadership in the Democratic party. Howard Dean is perfect for the job! I really hope he heads up the party, deconstructs it, and puts it back together so that it represents all people in the party. He was on the meet the press and other crapfest shows lately and his comments have been excellent. I love his idea of a "50 state strategy," and going with that he emphasizes that there are no red or blue states, they're all purple. Thats so right on. All the states are up for grabs and its just a matter of getting the message out to the people and showing the nation your true colors. Democrats need to shed their shady and shifty strategy and come out and take a stand for the values that they are supposed to represent. Screw playing to the middle, look where it got us.

On another note: Poor Rudy. He made a wrong decision and now he's just one of the many in the ranks of those that were once useful to Karl Rove. Read Here I think he needs to hone his character assesment abilities.

P.S. Screw Bill Clinton. He's the most guilty of the watering down of the party. I used to like him but he's just a politcal snake. He'll say whatever he needs to so that he gets the best poll results. He's a sickening populist.


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