Friday, March 12, 2004

The Blog is revived. I will provide information to anyone who reads this on why George Bush should NOT get relelected in 2004. This includes my own personal viewpoints and/or articles that i see online that I think are worthy of widespread distribution.

Recently i've read an article on MSN slate explaining how Bush is completely misrepresenting John Kerry's senate voting record. Read the article here. Bush and the people he represents, mainly large corporations and hateful conservatives, are dangerous because they do not want freedom for all. It is strange how the party that once touted a reduction of government has taken more actions than ever to try and restrict the liberties of the people. Whether it be in the name of homeland security or for protection of "our most sacred institution," our liberties must not be curtailed. In his farewell address George Washington asked the nation to "...guard against the impostures of pretend patriotism." George Bush and his administration are false patriots. Its time to show them that THE PEOPLE rule the United States of America!!!


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