Monday, October 20, 2003

Thank you Nate! Read here

Okay so this guy DID break the law. However, he does reveal and underline an important point about airport security. Its a farce. Before September 11th it was just local minorities and elderly individuals who worked as the "security" personnel at airports around the country. They were all employed by various "security" contractors. The only thing that's different after September 11 is that now they all have the same employer and the same uniform and they all have the same patch on their right arm that says "TSA."

I have been through airport security several times since September 11th and honestly its not that much more secure. All they did really was buy some expensive equipment and put more conspicuous signs about restricted items. I highly doubt that the TSA employees take their jobs any more seriously than they did before they were federalized. Therefore BRAVO Nate for exposing the chinks in the so-called armor. I don't trust the TSA so whenever I fly I keep my OWN eyes open for suspicious people and suspicious acts. Lets all be a little more proactive.


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