Friday, October 17, 2003


That is the most disgusting piece of editorial journalism I have EVER read. Arizona the next recall state?!!! What is going on here people. I love how ultra-conservatives are hijacking democracy. Every democratic governor is now in danger because of the ridiculous recall in California.

I believe that Matt Hayes, the author of the commentary, is truly sick in the head. He believes that it should be law that people provide ID for proof of citizenship before receiving medical care. It can be inferred from his article that he feels that MOST of Arizona's budgetary woes have to do with the fact that illegal immigrants are receiving medical care in AZ and not paying the bills. Guess what asshole American citizens do the same damn thing. Its not just illegals. Furthermore, the budget issues in EVERY STATE are due largely in part to the tax cuts that our fearless leader enacted because the federal government has less money to give to the states.

Mr. Hayes fails to recognize that a law requiring proof if citizenship before medical attention can be received would apply to everyone. If it didn't that would be a form of discrimination. It would be racial profiling if it was done purely is someone "looked" as if they were not an American citizen. Therefore everyone that would go into a hospital, whether you were bleeding out of your head, your arm was torn off, or you just broke your leg, would have to provide proof of citizenship. That sounds great. I can just picture it. Corpses piled up in E.R.s all over the border states because they couldn't get their IDs out fast enough so they just had to die. Well at least the state didn't have to spend money to save their sorry and possibly non-US citizen asses.

In addition to expressing his admiration for human life Mr. Hayes also shows that he has no respect for democracy by proposing that Arizona is the next recall state! Governor Napolitano hasn't even been in office for a year!!! Another recall in this country in any state would be a sign to me that democracy has been broken. Because I believe in the foundations of government in this nation, another recall would cause me to seriously consider moving to another country and never return to this one because it would never be the same.


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