Saturday, October 18, 2003

Fantastic day! It started when Brad and I work up and we discussed how terrible the Bible is. When you think about it the Bible is a collection of stories about people who were slapped up and down the street by God and they still loved him. Umm okay these people are deranged. Its so transparent that the Bible was written to promote poverty and stifle individualism. Take the story of the tower of Babel; here you have people that just wanted a challenge and sough knowledge so they tried to build a tower to the heavens so they could see and talk with God. What does God do? He destroys the tower as they are building it and scatters the people of this civilization all over the world. God loves you remember that. The worst is Job. The man who lost EVERYTHING to God and yet he still loved him. Sadistic fuck that God. I'm not a Satanist or anything but is Satan the embodiment of evil or is he the pursuit of truth and knowledge? How can we ever seek to know things about the universe around us if we don't do so empirically? Therefore why not try things out of the established rules of society and see what the outcome is. Within reason of course there are certain rules that we should obey like not killing one another, stealing from one another, etc.

After our philosophical salon in bed we woke up and got some lunch at subway where we realized once again how lucky we are to be gay. We will never want or ever have children. I felt sorry for this dad I saw today at subway, his children were playing him like a harp from hell. It was awful they had complete control of him. Do you think kids know what they are doing sometimes or is it just that humans seek power at every stage of their lives?

After subway we rented bikes and biked the whole 8 miles around White Rock Lake here in Dallas. What a fucking beautiful experience. Fall is just starting here so the trees are yellowish green. The air was cool but it was completely sunny but light wasn't harsh it was perfect. The lake water had small wakes across it caused by the several small sailboats on it. In the distance we could see the downtown skyline. It was an idyllic bike ride.

I must recommend to everyone who reads this to buy the soundtracks to The Virgin Suicides, The Royal Tannenbaums, and Rushmore. Fantastic soundtracks compiled with some of the most relaxing and exhilarating tunes ever made.

The Bible is evil but life is good.


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