Monday, October 27, 2003

Neglect. I have neglected my blog. Well in the past week things have been mostly status quo. Brad and I had an interesting experience on Wednesday night. If you know either of us personally you may inquire, otherwise you may not want to know.

I have been utterly miserable the past few days. I have been working out a lot lately and I think I have overtrained. I did arms last Wednesday and had a very intense work out. The next day my arms were sore but I am usually after a work out so i really didn’t think anything of it. However on Friday when I went to work out again, after two excercises my arms were on FIRE. I couldn’t finish and then on Saturday my arms were useless. It’s the worst feeling ever. I can barely lift the brita in my fridge for some water. “I want your arms.” Hehehe its an inside joke…the magic of jen the spirit of na.

Brad and I browsed at apartments this weekend also. What a fulfilling and frustrating experience. We cannot stand where we live now and cannot wait to move. We most likely move to an area called uptown here in Dallas. The apartments are nice and everything is right there. Your apartment could be right over a café, restaurant, or some other business. Its very urban and it appeals to us greatly. In addition to all of that the people that live in this part of town have real jobs that require them to go to bed every night no later than midnight. So the chances of us being woken up at 4am by bongo drums and guitar from a courtyard are virtually nil. Anyone reading this that lives in the Dallas area or might be moving to Dallas, do not live at a Power Properties apartment unless you want to be forced to watch movies outside and drink margaritas out of a soft serve ice cream machine with an impish fag named Wesley.


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