Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hello All. I recently dined at a Chili's tonight for the first time in a while. Tonight I decided to order and appetizer and it amazes me that the wait staff and the kitchen staff can never seem to get the appetizer out BEFORE the meal. They even list the appetizers under the heading of "Starters" on their menu. This is consistent behavior that I have experienced at many a Chili's so I decided to write them a letter expressing my concern.

To Chili's Management:

I have dined at your establishment many times and there is something that needs to be fixed. The timing of the delivery of the appetizer is very crucial to my dining experience. I rarely order appetizers. However, when I do I like them for the purpose that their very name is based on, to enhance my appetite. Therefore it would be logical to deliver the appetizer before the main course arrives. It seems in your establishments that the wait staff is under the impression that the appetizer should be served with the meal. If this is the case I suggest that you change your menu heading of "Starters" to "Meal Supplements" or "Side Dishes," therefore eliminating any ambiguity. If you do intend for the items under the "Starters" heading to be served before the meal I would strongly urge your wait staff, and kitchen staff, to make sure that the "Starters" come out before the start of the meal. From now on I will have trepidation when approached with the decision to order a "Starter." This may seem like an isolated incident but I have experienced this kind of mismanagement at your restaurants in the Denver, Tucson, Pheonix, and Dallas areas. If this problem is not remedied I will no longer order "Starters" at your restaurant again.

Adam Palazzo

I Suggest everyone to write letters like this to any corporation that you fell is not doing their jobs properly. Our votes may mean shit these days but money is still green and we all know its synonomous with power. Therefore if we are to subjected to corprate food, clothing, and sundrie outlets I suggest we let them know that we will seek out better products if theirs do not live up to our expectations.


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