Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I hate to pontificate and all on a topic like this but I am noticing something disturbing about the podcasting on iTunes lately. When iTunes first launced the new version with podcasting capabilities the top podcasts were some of the trailblazer casts like Adam Curry, Dawn and Drew, etc. However, now the top podcasts are commercial shit like Z100 phone taps, CNN News (FUCK ME GENTLY WITH A CHAINSAW), Queer Eye Tips, and the like. Get real have a constant stream of all that shit fucking you all in your eyes and ears from your television, radios, and the internets. Try something new and UNIQUE. Yes UNIQUE. It will do you good to learn that there are funnier things than Z100 tapping phones. There are more insightful news sources other than CNN. There are certainly more witty and entertaining gay podcasts other than the quintet eunuchs dressing everyone in the designer du jour so they can reap the benefits of free clothing. BREAK FREE FROM CORPORATE BULLSHIT THATS WHAT PODCASTING IS ALL ABOUT.

Im off my soapbox.


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