Monday, July 18, 2005

So this is a picture of a family that I met in New York in May 2005. They were in SoHo doing some shopping and they looked rather unique so I stopped to talk to them. They are from a town in the center of the country. They like to watch the Wheel of Fortune and play marbles. The man in the picture works at the nearby post-it factory in their town mixing giant vats of glue. "Recently, I was promoted to quality control manager. So I have to sample the glue from each of the 4-story mixing cylinders. Because the glue is so viscous I have to squeeze it out of giant 'utters' at the tapered end of each cylinder. I then examine it for color and consistency."

His wife, the woman, stays at home to school their children. She said to me, "It can be boring staying at home all day with the kids. But sometimes, to let loose, I like to take cookie dough in a tube and roll it out into long thick tubes, freeze them, then suck on them while the kids aren't watching ."

Later that day the family had plans to see a back to back special production of the Lion King and Beauty and The Beast preformed on Ground Zero.


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