Monday, July 18, 2005

Today I resigned from my job. I'll be starting a new on on Augsut 15th. Something more to my calling. Im excited that I'll have two weeks off inbetween to have some vacation and erase the last year and a half of misery this past job has provided me with.

A comment: I agree with Ragan Fox on his latest podcast. Although some might see what he does as crass or over the top, you must realize that to point out the absurdities of life one must be...absurd. Look at the plays of Moliere and how he addressed the issues of his time by producing plays that were utterly ridiculous. He wasnt doing to be funny or crass but instead to illustrate his points. Plus its fun to freak out conservatives because you know they think of all that pervy shit themselves and when its actually said it makes them so hot they get embarassed.


Blogger Knute123 said...


This blog is your Id. I love it.

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