Wednesday, August 31, 2005


First, I have to say that I hope that the people in New Orleans and Mississippi are all able to find the help that they need. Its a terrible thing that has happened. I really hope that help starts getting there as soon as possible.

In other news, I hate the media. I hate all the human angles that they feel that they need to report on. On MSNBC tonight they had an entire segment on two EMT nurses that saved premature babies. Thing is that the nurses both didnt seem to think that what they did was that impressive. The reporter however wanted them to elaborate on their trial on saving the premature babies. The nurses seemed more concerned about the full grown sentient humans wallowing in the filth and destruction rather than the babies they saved. Leave it to the media to completely misrepresent everything.

Aaron Brown is such a tool. He has no emotions. He has to really try and show his emotion. He is such an android. I honestly believe that he does not care that a hurricane devastated the gulf coast. Aaron is safe, dry, and rich. He has nothing to worry about. I hate you Aaron Brown. Stop spewing shit.

Furthermore, prayer wont make the water go away. Donate to the Red Cross, donate some money if you have it, help somehow other than talking to the air.


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