Monday, August 22, 2005

BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush makes well-worn case on Iraq

I wouldnt even call what W is doing "defending" policy. He is just plugging his ears and screaming loudly what he has always been saying. A defense is where one would take into consideration the opposition and then rationalize your point of view with specific examples of why you think your stance is correct. Simply stating that, "we must stay the course," or, "finish the task," is no where near a defense. Its more puerile slop spewing forth from his mouth. Furthermore, this new round of speeches he's making as a form of damage control is so tacky and uncalled for. If he really wanted to take the wind out of Sheehan's sails he should meet with her on live TV and talk with her face to face. What a coward.

Between John Kerry and W, Yale's status as an ivy leauge institution should be called into question. These men are most likely incapable of drafting a 5 paragraph essay on why they like ice cream.


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