Sunday, August 14, 2005

I dont go out often in Dallas. Being that I live here and that my partner and I are pretty much homebodies, we dont really frequent the gay bars here, also known as the strip. However, when we travel we make it a point to sample the gay areas so we get an idea what its like in different countries and in different cities in the US. Now that we have been to several places I have come to a conclusion that Dallas has one of the most diverse gay scenes of any place that I have been to.

Although, I really enjoyed the gay bars in New York I felt that there was a certain homogeneity amongst the patrons. Everyone was very well coifed, well dressed, and spoke intelligently. I enjoyed that and I felt very comfortable and at ease in that setting. In Barcelona the men were all gorgeous and again well dressed but again there was a sense of homogeneity. This might be the effect of cosmopolitan living and also the provincial insulation that results from the large metropolises. The byproduct of which produces a heard mentality that tacitly dictates that everyone must look a certain way.

Even though Dallas is a cosmopolitan city and is fabled for its fashionistas and pampered socialites, the gay scene is quite mixed. On a busy saturday night on the strip you will see cowboys, leather daddies, twinks, jocks, preps, trannies, black, latin, asian, everything! Some of my favorite regular fixtures include a transvestite that is on the sidewalk every friday and saturday night with a guitar, an amp, and a microphone. She opens her guitar case and preforms rock hits for the passers by. There is also the crazy balck woman who talks to herself and then kneels down in front of the original Black Eyed Pea and meditates on the sidewalk. It also helps that a lot of gay people come in from Oklahoma and smaller cities in north Texas. They add a charming backwoods touch that juxtaposes the uptight Dallas queens. I have been hard pressed to visit any other city where the bar lineup includes one man donning dungarees, a plaid button down shirt, and a cowboy hat standing next to another man in Prada shoes, Diesel jeans, a Roberto Cavali shirt, and an overly moisturized brow. Throw in some fierce latina, black, and asian transvestites and you have yourself a truly diverse scene.


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