Saturday, August 13, 2005

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and I am reading something very disturbing. Apparently, even before the war had officially started, while Bush was saying that he was going to try diplomacy first, our air force was already bombing Iraq. It has been surfacing from many air force veterans that there were secret bombing missions done before the official start of the war, while Bush was trying to make a diplomatic effor, where the objectives were to soften the Iraqi air defense and also to goat Saddam Hussein into attacking the US military in Kuwait first. In other words they were taunting him. That is what Bush calls, "trying diplomacy." Of course you will not see any news of this or any mention of the Downing Street Memo in the mainstream media because they have been silenced. Seek out the truth yourself people because Wolf Blitzer, Brian Williams, and Aaron Brown want you to be happy by eating lots of pizza and taking prescription pain killers.


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