Saturday, August 13, 2005 is now my favorite place for news. They have been doing fantastic coverage of the protest going on in Crawford. There is a very moving video that is a series of testimonies of the families of fallen soldiers that have died in the illegitimate occupation of Iraq. One woman in particular said something that I have always believed to be true and something that I have always said: We can support our troops but still be ashamed of our government. Supporting the troops and protesting the president are mutually compatible. The neo-cons, with their distortionary tactics, have convinced many americans that if one is against the war or against the president then that person does not support the troops. I want our troops to come home so that families dont have to lose their children anymore. I want the troops to come home so that the Iraqi people dont have to suffer from the terrorism that the presence of our troops is causing. What has this all accomplished? I really dont know.

I would urge anyone who reads this to go to, there is a link on my sidebar, and look at the videos from Crawford. That site is real news. There are no talking heads analyzing and spinning every word that comes out of peoples mouths. It's pure documentation of profound events.


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