Friday, August 12, 2005

I was watching Martha Stewart today and I think it had to have been the most architypical example of her over-the-top luxuriousness. This entire show was dedicated to beds and bedding. When asked she slept on top of or underneath a particular kind of feather bed by her uber uptight style editor she replied in a breathy sultry voice, "Oh...under it!"

The show progressed with her and a stout man representing a mattress company showing us, the viewers, how to properly flip a mattress. I just know that Martha lays awake at night troubled by the fact that many people do not flip thier mattresses, and when they do they do it its not in the correct manner!

My favorite part of the show was when Martha recieved a letter from a viewer asking a question about bedding. The letter was from Cindy Fister from Anticock, CA. Upon reading the name of the person who wrote the letter you could see that her style editor was squirming with delight over the name and origin of the author of the letter. Fister from Anticock.


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