Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Salt Lick Barbecue Restaurant

This is one of the best barbeque places I have eaten at. Its outside of Austin in the Texas hill country. After Brad and I had lunch here we ventured to the town of Wimberly.

I have been to many small towns in the US and I find that they are all the same. There must be a formula for them somewhere in a conservative cookbook for how make money off of rich white women. These towns all consist of stores that sell lots of shit that no one really needs. How many wind chimes can a person possibly have? How many wrought iron mice with bonnets holding a tray of freshly baked brownies represented by small pieces of obsidian need grace the living rooms of America? Its a travesty that pieces of burlap are being fashioned into bipedal bunny rabbits wearing a child's dress.

Furthermore these towns are riddled with people that somehow have never seen a gay person in their lives. While Brad and I were eating some sub par pie at the Wimberly Pie Co. (recommended by the guide book that we have now thrown in the trash), a man glared at us as we got up to leave. I glared at him all the while I threw my trashy pie out and as I walked out of the trashy pie company.


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