Friday, August 05, 2005

Today we toured around the Texas hill country. We took some backroads and drove to a cave called, "The Cave Without a Name." Apparently the young men who found the cave in the 1930s thought it was so beautiful that no name would capture its beauty. Well it was indeed an impressive site. I had been to caves before but this one was 95% alive (as in the formations are still growing). I love going to natural wonders because it makes me realize that there is so much unknown about our own world, let alone all of existence. The guide said that there are tons of other caves in the vicinity of the cave without a name that have only been seen by a handful of people and there are probably ones that are being kept secret. My favorite part of the visit was when the guide turned off all the lights in the cave. I have never experienced that kind of darkness and I thought about what it must have been like for the people to discover that cave with only a kerosene lamp. To think that for hundreds of thousands of years these caves have been forming, in the dark, underground, blows my mind.


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