Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Chicago Skyscraper Proposed!

I am huge fan of skyscrapers. Im always interested in hearing about the newest tower going up around the world and all the new engineering details that make it possible to build the towers so tall. I think Calatrava has really done it with this tower. Its inspiration came from the native americans that used to light fires by the lake in Chicago. The building represents the smoke rising from a fire. It would be an amazing addition to the Chicago skyline.

This design also highlights the lack of vision that the planners on ground zero have. Daniel Liebskind is always behind his thick rimmed glasses trying to make us feel some kind of artistic vision about his plan but it has never happened for me. On the other side you have those who believe that the site should remain empty out of respect for the dead. I realize and appreciate the controversy, but the plans for ground zero are dull and do not do the site justice as a memorial or for replacing the landmark skyline of Manhattan. With this design out now I wonder if the planners are going have the freedom tower go through another "revision."

The new Fordham tower will rise 2000 feet, including the spire. The cieling height (which is what I consider the true measure of a buildings height) will be 1458 feet. Thats 8 feet taller than the Sears tower's cieling.


Blogger no milk said...

i'm not really sure about this new building specially on the location. i think that many chicagoans are very excited about reclaiming the world's tallest building, but at the same time, i think that it should also be architecturally significant, not just tall...

9:30 PM  

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