Sunday, July 24, 2005

I thought for today's blog entry I would highlight some of the inscriptions that people wrote in my high school yearbook. Im going to include some commentary on each inscription but I will not reveal names. Some background on my high school first: Chaparral High School Scottsdale, AZ. Its in a very affluent part of the Phoenix area. Everyone had a car. Many of the mothers of the students didnt look like moms, more like VIP cocktail waitresses. Was featured in a Newsweek article as being the hub of a cocaine ring in the southwest. GO FIREBRIDS!!

Freshman Year May 1995:

Tu est tres froid. I really can't thinkg of anything intelligent to write so I'll write something generic. Nah, thats boring. I'll write something intelligent. Crows come and go, but purple figs will always be! Call me! I'm in the directory.

Commentary: Wow this girl was a total schitzo. I wound up going to college with her and she turned into one of those freaky single white female lesbians. One of my friends wound up writing a play about her sophmore year entitled "Erotica."

I guess you're pretty cool most of the time. I hope we all get A's and do well tonight at the concert. I really enjoyed singing Les Miserables with you. I'll see you tonight.

Commentary: For some reason my freshman year all these weird people I never cared about signed my yearbook. Its funny you have to imagine how this girl spoke to appreciate this inscription. Everytime she would talk to you it was all monotone and depressing. she was one of those really tall awkward girls with very thick glasses that played a stringed instrument. I dont know whats more embarassing, this inscription or the fact that I sang Les Mis with this girl. I was so gay!

Hi. Thanks for getting me hooked on Les Mis, letting me play your trumpet, and for overall being a good friend. We will stay good friends, I KNOW this. You have no idea how many ways I love you. Thanks for getting me through the year. I'll see ya later. I love you ( REMEMBER THAT)

Commentary: Those of you that know me personally will know that this is from the girl who broke my will to live. The caps are not embellishments they are for real. Oh yes this person and I dated after my freshman year until my senior year. I cannot believe that she let me be her boyfriend after "getting [her] hooked on Les Mis." Thanks for letting me play your trumpet is totally odd, maybe it was a come on?

Hey buddy. Guess what, guess what, guess what? I majorly love Danny Beaver. Oh, and Andy! Look on page 71 to see the hottest, cutest, nicest, horniest, sexiest, sweetest, loverest, horniest, sexiest, sweetiest, loverest, minest, oh my, everything you are. Yes I do still love Andy and I definately havent forgot about him. My buggers (snot in the nose) I will miss your smiling face next year. Right now turn to page 71 and stare, please dont drull (sp) on Danny. I "Heart" Danny. I "Heart" U! I "Heart" Andy

Commentary: Wow this one is totally screwed. I remember when she took my yearbook from me and started writing. After she wrote this she told me to look at this guy on page 71, a senior, who she thought was hot. He's just ok. What a scatter-brained inscription. It has nothing to do with me or her therefore it's my favorite from freshman year. This girl was a big bimbo and slut, her beaver was cravin some Beaver.

Yeah well thats some of the inscriptions from my freshman year. Note how they are all from girls because I had mostly girlfirends because I was mostly gay then and now im totally gay. Sophmore year to come soon!


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