Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I had to ride the bus home today and I had forgotten what an experience that is in Dallas. I spent some of my childhood in New York and I have since been back to visit many times and I use the public transportation there and it is nothing compared to what one experiences in Dallas. It seems that there is a real issue with the air purification system and general sanitation on the busses. Today I boarded the bus and immediately I was bombarded with the odor of an old tire that had been fried in McDonalds french fry oil. I grabbed a rail as I made my way downt he aisle as the bus was starting off and my hand was met with a thin film of grease that was probably a medium for many an individual's external flora. To top it all off its a gagillion degrees with 50% humidity so when the bus fills up from riders at the county hospital it becomes a truly organic experience. I wonder if one can extract the essence of an urban area from the odors that permeate from its public transport mediums? I shall observe.


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