Thursday, July 21, 2005

First, Im deeply disturbed about the attacks in London. I was really upset when it happened two weeks ago so when I got in my car this morning and turned on NPR I was shocked. Im glad that it wasnt as serious as the previous attacks. I hope everyone's family and friends are ok.

Not much to talk bout today, nothing interesting happened to me. I just love that picture that Fausto took of Victoria Lamar in the hospital. She's a big fan of Terri Schiavo and whilst she suffers from spinal meningitis she is able to keep her spirits up.

The last few days of my job as the handmaiden of the bitch from brazil have been taxing on me. I havent seen much of my boss of late but I can feel her aura while she broods in her office. Its really amazing though what you learn about a place when everyone knows you are leaving. The other day two other people that work in my department, that I have spoken to no more than two times in the almost two years I've been working there, confided in me about all the shit slinging that goes on in the department. It seems everyone is miserable but what can you expect when you work at a state institution. Note my use of the word institution.....


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