Monday, July 25, 2005

I used to kind of like reading Rolling Stone. Occassionally it was a good way to find out about music and some of the articles were quite interesting but now I have lost all respect for it. The most recent issues cover has a photo of Owen Wilson (tool) and Vince Vaughn (tool extrodinare) in promotion of their new movie "Wedding Crashers." Now I'm not a head in the clouds intellectual when it comes to movies, I am a fan of the Naked Gun series and the National Lampoon's movies. The thing that bothers me about this cover is underneath the ginormous lettering of Wilson and Vaughn it says "Not Since Belushi & Aykroyd..." Now why does that have to be there? You know! Its foul and sick. Belushi and Aykroyd had a style their own that they made themselves. Comic pioneers now reduced to a stereotypical mold. To me its really cheap and insulting that in order to sell this movie someone elses original work must be co-opted.

It must be that every starlet and boy wonder that comes into hollywood is handed a mad lib-like application and based on their answers they are either assigned to a personna of yesteryear or handed over to the porn directors. I'd rather take the porn route. At least in porn you are forced to come up with an original name or talent.

It would be funny to see the roles reversed. Put the big name hig maintenance "stars" in low budget porn movies. No publicists, no stylists, and no airbrushing. We would be forced to witness the reality of their imperfections. The fact that Mr. Vaughn's belly might actually be a distraction whilst he attempts to make his costar climax. Mr. Wilson's broken nose might not be the most attactive sight when his costar looks down to see where that irritating feeling is coming from. I can only imagine their horror when they see themselves in the raw at the screening,"Why is my skin so splotchy? I'm Fat? No one told me my nose makes me look like a dinosaur."

P.S. If you get a close look at the cover, Vaughn's hand that is draped over Wilson (far left), looks like the hand of a three day olde corpse.


Blogger Knute123 said...

"I was in a movie today. That "Akinoyd" guy was in it."

-The Great Sal

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