Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thick Animosity

As I have posted earlier, I am leaving my current place of employ for a better, higher paying job. Upon handing in my letter of resignation my boss responded with shock. However she said some unusual things, things that one would usually keep to themselves. "Frankly Adam I feel betrayed," she told me. Okay...I dont seem to remember signing some kind of contract with you. Last time I heard, work is voluntary and I am free to leave jobs as I wish. Furthermore, I have two reviews from her for the two years that I've spent working for her that are glowing, nothing short of saying, "Adam is the best!" I expected a shitstorm to follow all that week but for the most part things remained calm and she allowed me to do what I had to do to make the transition smooth for everyone where I work.

This week started out fine. Later last week someone suggested that the group should go out for lunch, a going away lunch if you will. We all agreed on Wednesday and this morning someone asked if the boss had been invited. She hadnt and a senior representative of the group went to ask if she would join us. The representative returned and reported that, "[Boss's Name] said that we can go to lunch but we all have to be back within an hour and that if we go over that hour she is going make sure that we all stay late to make up the time, especially Adam. She also wanted to know who organized the lunch." Wow! The kunt come forth and spread its thick animosity juice all over! Normally, we're allowed to go to lunch on our own and come back on our own without supervision, like adults. Nor I dont think its professional nor is it appropriate to treat the kind of people I work with (most people have PhDs) like they are five years old telling them when they can come and go and when they will be able to go home. Lastly and most bitchily, I cannot believe she wanted to know who organized the lunch. She is like a totalitarian dictator trying to stamp out the rebel uprising. So naturally everyone in the lab hears this. If she didnt anticipate everyone knowing about this it was a huge mistake to do this because know everyone thinks she is a collosal bitch, whereas before she was just a bitch.

I am so thrilled I am not going to be around this negative force much longer. If it werent for the fact that I need to train some of my coworkers tomorrow I would have walked into her office and told her what a bitch she is and left.


Blogger Knute123 said...

SCRUPLES! This boss has none.

What is she thinking? Was she sending this senior member of the staff to SPY and find out who organized the lunch?

She's the mommie dearest of work.

"Tina! Bring me the ax!"

12:49 AM  

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