Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My parents were in town and so we visited the Sixth Floor museum here in Dallas. I had been to Dealy Plaza before and seen the "X" in the street where Kennedy was shot but never had I been on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book depository. I would recommend this museum to anyone who visits Dallas. Its purely informational and gave excellent background on the Kennedy administration and the events leading up to and after the assassination. I like how the snipers perch is not accessible by the public an the boxes are set up they way they were found after the assassination.

They have many video exhibits in the museum however one video of a speech by JFK struck me in particular. He was making a speech about how he wants an America where "achievement in the arts is rewarded as much as achievement in business." It just struck me because no one has even come close to upholding the beliefs and values of JFK. Politics has become so thick and so chained to business and the public has become so distrustful of the government that I don't know if this country is, #1 capable of producing another leader such as JFK, or #2 able to trust someone that speaks like that even if they are utterly sincere. I probably would question the motives of someone who spoke like that today because I have been tainted with years of governmental scandals and wrongdoings. Is this good or bad? I have no idea.


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