Thursday, July 28, 2005

Emancipation.....Celebration...Uh Huh, Yeah! (Kids in The Hall Style)

I did it! I walked out on my boss. I went to her in the middle of the day and I said to her, "You're obviously having a difficult time with my leaving so I'm going to make it easier for you and leave right now. I am also shocked at your behavior regarding the lunch yesterday, I think that you were completely inappropriate. Furthermore, I do not appreciate you talking to other people about how you feel betrayed by my leaving and coercing them into the same position." At which point I was interrupted by, "I dont need to hear this." I replied, "Okay. I'll stop talking. Bye!" Turned around and left.

This was sparked when someone where I work told me that they had been told by her that she felt betrayed, by my voluntary resignation for a better and higher paying job, and that she and all the other coworkers should feel the same way. Can you believe this woman?! Im so glad I walked out with dignity and grace.

If you are in a situation where someone treats you like utter shit please call them on it. Dont take it from them, control your own life!


Blogger Knute123 said...

The Thick Animosity juice has been defeated.

I think Madonna said it best...

"If we took a holiday. Just some time to celebrate. Just one day out of life. It would be, it would be so nice."

Ah, lyric genuis.

12:19 AM  

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