Thursday, August 04, 2005

We arrived in Austin today. After our bearable and not so long not so short road trip from Dallas we rested in our hotel a bit. We then ventured out to the state capital, just a few blocks from our hotel. It is truly a magnificent building, I was very impressed with the structure and the grounds around it. As an added bonus the Texas State Troopers that patrol the building are brimming with Texas testosterone whilst clad in tight militant uniforms, in other words HOT!

Later in the evening after we had melted in the sun, we set out to go eat somewhere. I was under the impression that Austin might be a culinary schmorusboard given that its a college town and its the state capital. The reality is that we were hard pressed to find any restaurants. We had some recommendations but parking is impossible in Austin so as big city Dallasites we passed. We eventually settled for a burger place that turned out to be very good. The burgers are tasty and fries were fresh and homemade. I will tell you this. There is no shortage of coffee shops or organic food marts. I hope y'all like organic cappucinos.

On another note the penis ratio here is very skewed and the straight men are HOT! If you're a single woman looking for a rugged hunky man Austin is the place!

First impressions: Austin is a very aesthetic city but lacks some of the urban comfort of a varied restaurant scene that Dallas excels at. Hot troopers and hot breeder males.

Quote of the day:
Upon looking at the brochure for the Texas state capitol and seeing a picture of door hinges, all of which say,"Texas Capitol," Brad asked, "Can you buy that?" Spoken like a true American


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