Saturday, September 03, 2005

Department of Homeland Bullshit

Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Katrina's Aftermath

Here is a passage from the above article:

"As Dallas officials struggled to prepare for the onslaught of evacuees, Mayor Laura Miller blasted Gov. Rick Perry for visiting Dallas on Thursday but not informing her or Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm personally that 25,000 evacuees would soon be on their way to Dallas.
The state has also failed to make good on its promise of cots and blankets for the city's shelters, Ms. Miller said.
"I'm amazed at the lack of help we're getting," the mayor said. "The state has done zero to help us, the governor has done zero to help us – besides coming here for a photo op."
Ms. Miller also panned other state and federal officials for a lack of communication with Dallas officials. The mayor said she learned from Dallas County Judge Margaret Keliher, not FEMA or the governor's office, that the federal agency ordered Dallas to accept 25,000 evacuees."

Again, the leadership, THE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP, is failing to provide any kind of real support for the situation on the gulf coast. People are dying, thirsty, drowning and all they can do is fly around the country posing for photo ops while municipalities that are already strapped for cash because of BUSH TAX CUTS have to deal with all this shit.

Additionally all of the response for a disaster of this magnitude was supposed to be streamlined with the creation of the Department for Homeland Security. Is this what you call streamlined? FEMA is saying that they have the situation under control while the media is reporting that people are being raped and shot at while trying to get out of New Orleans!!! This is how prepared our country is for a diasaster?! My friend Kim and I tried to contact the Red Cross here in Dallas to find out if we could volunteer this weekend with all the evacuees coming to Dallas and there was no one at the office. NO ONE! We searched all day to find out how we can help and there is no information and the people that we called said they dont know either because no one is coordinating anything.

Bush has his fucking staged "briefing" on the situation on television so he looks like he's doing his job and he has the audacity to say that Trent Lott lost his beach house!???

For all those that voted for this jackass to be here now during this: NICE ONE!


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