Sunday, September 11, 2005

You're All Pigs!

SUV drivers are immoral slime. People who think about buying an SUV given the situation in the middle east and given the situation on the gulf coast are immoral slime.

If you complain about gas prices and you drive an SUV, SHUT IT! If you are thinking about complaining about gas prices think about why gas is so expensive. Think about why so many people feel a need to drive cars that are ridiculously huge. Think about why we are engaged in a an illegal war in Iraq. Think about why there is toxic water flooding New Orleans.

I say let the gas prices rise, up up and fucking away!! Im glad that all you people who are driving SUVs are going to have to pay through the nose to drive your cars.

Buy smaller cars. Take the bus or the train. If you dont have public transport hassle your municipalities, representatives, and senators about it. Gas is a precious resource and we have preserve it.


Blogger David said...

I agree! They have no right to complain.

[I am a friend of Ben's.)

11:32 AM  

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