Friday, October 07, 2005

When NOT To Take It Up The Ass

This article is utter bullshit. Its right up there with the article in the Dallas Voice about how Chris Bell would protect the rights of gay Texans because he's against the federal marriage amendment. Thats another story.

Dallas Gay Leaders OK Miers Pick

This article was brought to my attention by a friend who emailed it to me because she found it on America Blog. I responded to the post on America Blog with:

Okay I live in Dallas and I amd gay and I am quite aware of who the "Gay Dallas Leaders" are and none of these names are familiar to me. Who dredged up these log-cabin self-hating fags? The republican party is so adept at deception, we should all know this by now. They retain people of every race, color, creed, and sexual orientation so that when they need them at the appropriate time they wind them up and have them spew their bullshit all over the crowd and make us content by standing in their vomit by crying compassion and moderation.

Upon further investigation I have found that Chris Luna ran in a Dallas City council election in which he faked his home address because he was running against a prominant Dallas Democrat, Medrano.

Craig McDaniel is another nobody in the Dallas gay leadership scene and his opinion is hardly worthy of the headline.
“She certainly knows I’m gay,” Luna said. “She wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for me to the Texas Bar Association.” Wow Craig! My mom always said that I was a really good painter. Maybe my fingerpaintings should be in the Louvre!

"Former council member Craig Holcomb said Miers seemed comfortable when he and his partner encountered her at civic and political events.
“She was always very nice to us as a couple and did not seem to feel awkward or anything,” Holcomb said." Im sure before the Nazi's started erradicating Jews in Europe they were able to appear comfortable around them. I can appear comfortable around people I despise too, its called ACTING!!

"“When she has made the wrong decision she has no problem in doing a 180 and saying ‘I’ve learned more, and now I understand more about the facts,’” Luna said." Oh is flip flopping "in" this November with the Republicans? I seem to remember that last November there was some issue with Flip Floppers.

If you want me to like this devil in a blue dress then she is going to have to come out and say that she does not think that discriminitory language belongs in the constitution and that civil marriage is a civil right. This article is a piece of shit and the "leaders" they have chosen to interview are anything but that. I dont remember seeing these prominent leaders participating in the 2005 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade and Rally so how can they be tagged as such when they didnt participate in the most important event in the Dallas gay community.

I am now convinced that there is a conspiracy to make Miers appear as if she is moderate. This is done by #1 the radical right PRETENDING like they dont like her and #2 getting gay people and black people to say that she "might not be that bad."


Blogger Knute123 said...

I'm having some trouble figuring out the strategy with Miers. To me, it seems like the administration has a mixed idea about this. Bush nominated her with the mindset that she will support whatever he supports. This, of course, would be bad for progressive and free thinkers everywhere. So why is the right wing freaking out?

They have no proof that she's an idealogue. After all the mistakes of Bush and outrageous defenses they have thrown up for this president, they wanted him to deliver someone in the public eye that is batshitcrazy conservative. See kos today for more thoughts on this.

If Harriet is perceived as a friend to the gay community will only serve to further enrage the right wing hardliners. I say let Luna (no matter how insignificant and self-promoting he is) pronounce his message of Miers' gay friendly agenda all over the front page if it provokes the wingnutters to shit all over their finely pressed "nuclear power pants".

5:20 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Agreeing with you.

Plus, her 'solid career', is somewhat questionable. Outside of the shape-shifting political chess board, she just isn't qualified.

8:56 AM  

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