Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Krebs Cast #37: The Other Fox in The City

Krebs Cast #37

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Joining me on this episode is my friend of years gone by, Myka Fox. Myka and I have known each other since high school and therefore have many stories of hijinks and ballyhoo to share. Join us as we recount stories of how we met, awkward sex, breast reduction surgery, and how Myka played the xylophone in marching band.




  • Picture of me, Myka, and Co. c. 1999.

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    Anonymous ER said...

    you bastard with the photos! It's a shock to see the young and the innocent from way back then.

    11:54 PM  
    Blogger tornwordo said...

    I have a friend like that, it reminded me of us....I really liked the intimacy evident from you guys. You can't make that up.

    And thanks for the shout out!

    6:49 AM  
    Blogger Psyton said...

    Great Podcast, great photos. You had me laughing... and how bad is it that when Myka was softening her voice to say "fingering" I was leaning down closer to the iPod with a conspiratorial gleam in my eye?

    Glad to see you have such good friends!

    7:52 AM  
    Blogger Kalvin said...

    Bitches be crazy! It's too bad that she's straight and Darin is gay because if they both love that much humor during sex I would love to know where that would lead. Now I'm wondering if I'm destined to be 5th chair viola for the rest of my life.

    10:03 AM  
    Blogger Knute123 said...

    CORRECTION. Richard never had videos of himself fucking another man. He merely told me his first sexual experience was fucking his fellow 13 yr old best friend in the ass. GET IT RIGHT PALAZZO!

    You remember so much of old. Throwing donuts at people. Indeed.

    Thank you for doing this podcast. It made my night overflow with happy memories.

    And yes Myka...I was laughing. That threesome was greatest comedy you will ever perform.

    10:24 AM  
    Blogger myka said...

    thanks for having me on. every man in the world dumped me.

    10:58 AM  
    Anonymous mikeypod said...

    okay, yeah. this is funny as hell. Looking forward to seeing you in just a few moments!

    7:30 AM  

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