Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bits and Pieces

  • Turns out the story, which Brad found, related to my previous blog post has been noticed by The Huffington Post and Think Progress.

    Turns out that the housing secretary's conduct was in violation of federal law, 48 CFR 3.101-1:

    Government business shall be conducted in a manner above reproach and, except as authorized by statute or regulation, with complete impartiality and with preferential treatment for none. Transactions relating to the expenditure of public funds require the highest degree of public trust and an impeccable standard of conduct.

    Alas, I'm sure that document will be shredded as soon as possible and the remains, along with the shredded remains of the Constitution and The Bill of Rights, will be used to fill the bean bag chairs that are being made for the Bush library.

  • I believe the nomination of General Hayden to head the CIA is the precursor to a federal police organization not too dissimilar to the Nazi SS or the German Democratic Republic's (East Germany) Stasi, aka Ministry for State Security. Because spying on your countrymen is patriotic! War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

  • And here is a gratuitous picture of me in the early days of blogging.


    Anonymous Nikki said...

    Oh my goodness! Little Adam is adorable! I enjoyed the blog humor. ;)

    11:10 AM  
    Blogger Jihadist Jerry said...

    I want to squeeze the little cheeks. Such a cute little sausage

    11:27 AM  
    Blogger Kalvin said...

    Aw, that's just precious. I think they could really get nailed. But do you know in the statute who is supposed to prosecute or what the procedure is behind that? The Code of Federal Regulations might have special rules for this kind of thing. Hmm...

    11:28 AM  
    Blogger tornwordo said...

    Very cute! And freedom IS slavery, didn't you know?

    1:03 PM  
    Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

    Hi Adam, I just sent in an article proposal to about the scandal in Dallas. They have an article about this issue in the Maldives,on their weblog forgodssake, but deathly calm about cronyism here. I waiting with baited breath for them to send me the specs(not!).
    BTW, "freedom's just another word for nothing else to lose". -From the Wit and Wisdom of Chairman Janis Joplin

    5:09 PM  
    Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

    PS- You look as happy as though you just saw the opening credits for "American Gladiator" coming on.

    5:15 PM  
    Blogger Hypoxic said...

    What you worry about - worries me. It really does remind me of Nazi Germany. And that scares me.

    The young blogger is a great pic!

    7:55 PM  
    Blogger Jason said...

    What a cute pic. I bet those cheeks were pinched a lot ;)

    I used have one of those desks growing up. Those were the days...

    11:26 PM  
    Blogger Seeker Onos said...

    On the fip side of this Adam... this stuff has been long the practice of the federal government.

    The FBI had COINTELPRO during the 1960's and McCarthy's Red Scares of the 50's.

    Those who have power will always find a way to abuse it, and cronyism has been practiced by any administration.

    The Bush Administration is eitherexceptionally inept at keeping it out of public view... or, they are so brazen at trying to secure an Empire (cue Stormtrooper march) that they simply don't care anymore about being discrete in thier corruption.

    That being said... very cute baby piccie, Adam!

    9:30 PM  

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