Saturday, April 29, 2006

Krebs Cast #31: JayT from

Krebs Cast #31

Krebs Cast Page

  • A podcast with JayT from JayT Online.

  • How we both found podcasts.

  • A discussion of satellite radio and podcasts migrating to the medium.

  • Discussion of Wanda Wisdom's migration to full time podcasting.

  • The domain name giver's blog Rober Prather's OPML Blog

  • But really the question is: Is the politics that hard to follow?

  • JayT gets a phone call.

  • Rush Limbaugh meta.

  • Do conservatives just have brain tumors?

  • Discussion of things weird.

  • Iran.

  • More musings on the suburbs with a suburbanite.

  • Illegal copy of Windows alert thingy from Andy Melton from

  • Thanks to JayT for coming on the show and the wrap up.

    Closing song you hear on today's podcast is podsafe used with permission from Ioda Promonet. More information below, enjoy!

    Chin Up Chin Up

    Chin Up Chin Up

    Chin Up Chin Up
    Flameshovel Records


    Blogger Marshal said...

    Thanks for the comment guys! I am glad you listened and I look forward to working your shit in the next couple weeks you tweaks!

    -Your Loud Mouthed Podcasting Queen on the Internet.

    1:55 AM  
    Blogger Darin said...

    Great's interesting to have you in the Driver's Seat in an interviewing situation.

    1:18 PM  
    Anonymous sam said...

    Yikes. Andymatic isn't Andy Melton. Andymatic is Andy Wibbels.

    11:12 PM  
    Blogger Adam said...

    Thank you Sam, I realized my error after i posted the show. Sorry about that everyone. Eeek.

    7:48 AM  
    Blogger Kalvin said...

    Great show. I totally agree with JT. It's so hard to spout opinions when you don't feel completely informed. Heck, I doubt the legislators are entirely informed. There's just too much to know!

    6:06 PM  
    Blogger The Persian said...

    Great podcast as always Adam :) (listened to it last night during my run) JayT sounds like an interesting guy, I might have to check his cast out.


    2:16 PM  

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