Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Krebs Cast #35: Finding your "Fat Girl" with Ash Christian

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    On this episode of The Krebs Cast I interview Ash Christian, the writer, director, producer, and star of the new movie, Fat Girls.

    We discuss the movie, Ash's road to where he is now, and what is coming up in the future for this young, burgeoning talent.

    Go check out the website for the movie at FatGirlsMovie.com and be sure to keep an eye out for the movie coming to a theater near you.


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    We, the Vehicles

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    Blogger Flying Boy said...

    Hello.. I am stil new at all this podcast stuff and I downloaded the interview. It was great! I am now dying to see the movie. But I do not know if it´s gonna be released in Brazil. :(

    9:19 AM  
    Blogger Bruce said...

    Hey Adam...just wanted to say good podcast...I'm planning on calling your line tonight, so I don't want to repeat myself there ;) But I wanted to leave something here.

    10:49 AM  
    Blogger Psyton said...

    Talk about a dubious shout-out :D

    Otherwise, you weren't really mean to the receptionist, at least not any meaner than she was to you... I think I just get squeamish about confrontation and at the end of it all I felt like "God, qwitcherbitchin!" and thus I barged in and snarkily said so.

    Glad you appreciate the psytonbomb effect (an effect deeply rooted in "no publicity is bad publicity"). Hope it didn't ruffle too many feathers.

    Back to the interview: I love the idea of a "fat girl" mentality. That is the perfect encompassment of the alienation caused during those awkward growing-up moments by being a lil' bit different. I was chubby and "bisexual" at that point so I felt like I was (fat girl)^2.

    2:44 PM  
    Blogger Kalvin said...

    this was fun. I love the "formal statement", and its being so formal. The movie sounds fun, and I liked the site too. Can't wait.

    10:13 PM  
    Blogger Kalvin said...

    Okay, I should resist, but the "psytonbomb" effect?

    A quote from a great play, albeit modified.

    [Psyton], you are not the only [commenter] in [the blogosphere].

    [Psyton]: No, but I’m the best.

    [Psyton], a little modesty might suit you better.

    I'm not judging, I'm just saying. And not that you said you were the best, it might just come off that way to some of us.

    10:32 AM  
    Blogger tornwordo said...

    I liked the W and G post, where did it go?

    6:47 AM  
    Blogger DanNation said...

    I spent my workout tonight getting caught up with the Krebs Cast - GREAT podcast, Adam. You have great interviewing skills.

    11:11 PM  

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