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Krebs Cast #39: Riled, Incensed, Polemic

Krebs Cast #39

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Warning: this podcast is NOT calm, in fact its downright tempestuous. I've awoken from my post weekend slumber and I'm ready to talk about issues again. Its real, its raw, its me and if you don't like it then I especially want you to keep listening!

  • A message from my friend and fellow podcaster, JayT.

    : Tell your senators to vote NO on the FMA.

  • From Kelly over at Rambling Along in Life: As a sign of solidarity for pride month, put this picture on your blog! If hundreds of thousands of immigrants can rally together then why the hell can't we!?
    rainbow flag sunset.0

  • Was The 2004 Election Stolen? Article from Rolling Stone.



    Blogger Captain Cox said...

    Grrrr, the election of 2004 STILL?
    Who's In The White House?

    Much love~
    Captain Cox

    9:18 AM  
    Blogger Epilonious said...

    yay for epibombs (formerly known as psytonbombs :-D)

    "What makes you passionate." Explaining what makes a bad argument bad.

    Slippery Slope

    Appeal to Emotion

    Logical Fallacies do not a compelling argument make. And once again, a long list of bitchin' about the sad state of things, like most other string-of-complaints, will be ignored when someone else comes along with an idea. Right now the "evil republicans" are the ones with the ideas... They are really bad ideas... but they are cohesive and attempt to address concerns and allows room for compromise for the republican supporter.

    I'm not hearing any good counter ideas from the left. It's all "Me want, me want, me want for my special interest groups". No compromise, no teamwork. I mean, the republicans agendas are falling apart... and what are we all doing? Teaming up with other minorities? oh lord no, they all must hate us... so we must all face the republican monolith alone in our own way... then it becomes really easy for republicans to go "hey everyone, the fags might get married, go to the poll to prevent it" and all these people who wouldn't have voted or cared otherwise show up to vote against any "icky gay marriage" and just happen to vote for Bush while they are at it. None of the gay groups were really able to put up a fight because everyone who could put up and work together against (or even with them in some cases) was concerned with their own issues.

    Ironically, you addressed "America's lottery mentality"... so what makes you think a hissy fit will help matters? If anything a cold, calculated approach to how to right all the wrongs of the current administration... will be ten times more powerful than random, tear-filled grandiloquence.

    (and yes, I did go to HRC and fill out the form, but back when I heard a podcast PSA that honestly made the point with less words and tears)

    I like the rest of the podcast (I'm still listening)... but the beginning just had me going... "Little latin boy in drag.... whyyyyyy are you cryyyyyin'?"

    9:29 AM  
    Blogger Seeker Onos said...


    (congrats for finding/making up a word not in any Latin-Greek dictionaries I have access to...)

    At least we know that you are "epi" or above a mere, common "lonious". :)

    Let Adam gripe if he wants... a good bit of venting never hurt anyone!

    I must admit that discussions on the election-riggings of 2000 and 2004 are probably getting grumpy and tired by now... and such riggings put us a heartbeat or two away from becoming something quite unconstitutional.

    Sadly, my attempts to reverse to modulation on the Enterprise's main deflector dish and slingshot around the sun back to 1999 to un-rig the election has failed. :P

    As for the art of argument that Epi points out:

    I can certainly appreciate the "cold, crushing grip of pure, superior reasoning" in an academic debate... however, humans by nature are emotional and often irrational beings.

    Yes, slippery slopes and appeals to emotion (pathos) are probably not the marks of a sound persuasive argument.

    But, "a little bit of leaven leavens the entire lump of dough". That is, a better use of good logic as a main pillar of an argument, spiced by the right amount of emotional appeal, can be most effective, I think.

    So I guess I am agreeing with Epi for the most part here, but I enjoy hearing Adam rant and get his load off his mind - it tends to jibe well with what my somewhat left of center brain tends to think as well.

    11:07 AM  
    Blogger Epilonious said...

    Rants are good, I just figured I'd sound off like I always do with counter-reactionary platitudes and a jab to at least try and get the rant to motivate people to do more than, well, cry. And hey, it shows Adam that if he's irritating me, he's being effective. This was just an ad for the HRC campaign, I just thought the play-Jay-T-Crying prelude followed by a "and then they're gonna take away all the freedoms" bit was a bit overboard. To wit, adding a tiny bit of dough to a pile of leaven doesn't make anything you'd want to stomach.

    I just found it precious that Adam post-rant went on to bring up the benefits of intellectualism and the pitfalls of logical fallacies for the sake of an argument.

    Thanks, if anything, for the warm regards seeker.

    11:17 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You didn't inspire me to do anything but think you as were rude and boring as the first commenter. Platitudes indeed...

    12:27 PM  
    Blogger Kalvin said...

    Ugh. Epilonious/Psyton, please, please, please, be a little less full of yourself. It makes a comment section stink. Be as trenchant and vile as you want, but just quit patting yourself on the back.

    You're podcast really touched me Adam. And it inspired my next blog post. And I cry too mon petit Krablette. We need to learn that just because we can be invisible as queer people means we have to try and ALWAYS be visible when it is safe.

    1:40 PM  
    Blogger Eric said...

    Thanks for an emotional, thoughtful podcast, Adam. If nothing else, you've riled up some homos and perhaps they'll stop popping e tabs and clubbing all night long enough to realize they're going to be victims of an all-new system of pogroms should legislation like the FMA be enacted. And they'd better get riled up and overly-emotional about it.

    1:45 PM  
    Blogger Psyton said...


    I love it when anonymous commenters validate my efforts by proving I got to someone. If even to tritely disagree with me.

    Besides, we're having a case of pot picking up the phone and speed-dialing kettle here...

    Kalvin: speaking of getting over yourself... what type of person who would apparently comment to pat themselves on the back would change their behavior solely because you judged it to be inappropriate? I would say I'm sorry that you think I am being trenchant and vile... but I don't do that for flamebait.

    2:25 PM  
    Blogger Jihadist Jerry said...

    Still all this fighting and bitching, when you should be join together to fight, to raise you voice in UNISON so you finally begin to get you rights you rightly deserve. Please stop, you make Jihadist Jerry nauseated and sad. If not, well jihad on you!!

    4:12 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The only reason I made my comment anonymously, darling, is to avoid your dribbling your bile on my corner of the web in the same fashion as you have here, on Ragan Fox's site, on Eat This Hot Show's Site and god knows where else. You seem to bust a nut by being the gay podosphere's own Loki, and I ain't having you bring youre paddles to my place to play verbal ping-pong.

    4:50 PM  
    Blogger Kelly said...

    ummm...thanks for posting my picture...going to listen to the podcast in a bit...

    5:49 PM  
    Blogger Kelly said...

    Just listened to the podcast and left a comment there..but basically, thanks for the wonderful words about my picture and getting the word out...actually listening to you read what I wrote choked me up a bit...things feel different when you hear them...thanks!!! and for the record...I have now hit over 21 blogs with the picture...thanks to everyone and I hope that number keeps going up over the month...we will see...can we actually outdo the immigrants??? Thanks have a new listener...

    7:31 PM  
    Blogger Epilonious said...

    Wow, anonymous people stalking me... that's just hot.

    Unless of course it's Ragan Fox himself (but of course I don't recognize the writing style, which apparently is as condemning as a signature, fingerprint, or IP in the podosphere)

    If I choose to play devil's advocate that's my prerogative.. just like it is my prerogative to call you a pussy because you hide behind anonymity lest I come to your playground and question your views. Something tells me that I'll not shed a tear over your proactive censorship... as you seem to be yet another heartstring from the queercasting acolyte league.

    No go on, run back to your playground and eat some tasty, agreeable sand.

    10:41 PM  
    Blogger Darin said...

    Did you throw my name in this see if I ever listen to your jink???

    Well...I listened...and yes... I was laughing...

    but I also logged on to HRC and clicked the "red box".

    3:47 AM  
    Anonymous mikeypod said...

    i am so happy to hear this. i was ranting and raving all morning about this, and now I get to remember that I am not alone.


    5:42 PM  
    Anonymous Robert P. said...

    Some really, really good points in this show. I called & emailed my senators and clicked the red box.

    I also posted the picture.

    10:11 PM  

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