Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dallas Pride 2005: Equal Rights! No More! No Less!

Brad and I went to pride today with our friends Patrick and George. We had a good time. The parade was nice yadda yadda yadda. It was a bit on the warm side though. Everyone was a sweaty mess and it just reminded me of stories that my friend Heather would tell me when she went to ASU and she would ride the shuttles from the parking lots to the campus in August and everyone was sweaty and slick.

We took a respit at the orginal black-eyed pea on Cedar Springs for some margaitas and buffalo chicken fingers. Patrick and I were both a bit repulsed by an unusally tall black muscular man wearing nothing but a t shirt and a pair of skimpy underwear in the restaurant. Its just not right to have that around food and places where people eat; please cover up.

The theme of the parade and the rally was "Equal Rights! No More! No Less!" I had to say that I was very pleased with what my city councilwoman, Angela Hunt, said at the rally, "Second class equality is not equality!" I really appreciate that kind of representation because thats how I feel and I think that it reflects the theme of the parade. I must say that I was also impressed that 8 of the 14 city council members and the mayor, Laura Miller, participated in the parade. I retuned home and decrusted after the days festivities. It was an enjoyable day to be around all the gays, trannies, dykes, et. al.


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