Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Cannot Resist

Look I know this is hackneyed and been said a million times by many other people, but I cannot let this go. I still need evidence that marriage is some sanctimonious.....THING!! Fucking Zellweger and Chesney get married in a 15min ceremony on some island and they stay married for 4 months but two men who have been in a committed relationship for 5 years cannot get married? I dont understand. Can someone please explain to me why if marriage is so sacred why isnt there a penalty for people who get married and divorced on a whim? Why doesnt Pat Robertson descend from the heavens and cotterize their genitalia or take their "admit one to heaven" pass and burn it? They should be forced to be homosexuals so then it will be assured that they will never be able to marry again. If marriage is so sacred that I cannot participate in it then I want to see these offenders of the sanctitity of marriage punished in a public display of humiliation FUCKIN BIBLICAL STYLE!!! Explain to me why if marriage is so essential to the morality in this nation that given the divorce rate in this country we arent all immoral assholes raping eachothers skulls. Oh wait....there is a correlation there, strike that!

My theory is this. Fat, white, middle aged "christian" men need everything gay to be illegal and forbidden. If all things gay were allowed and accepted then they would have so much resentment that they didnt get to participate in the gayness that they really wanted to when they were younger. Instead they got married to witless bimbos who produced thankless progeny for them to support. Furthermore fat white men have to have the gays because no matter what a gay man is always the biggest brunt of a joke. When gay is no longer taboo the fatties will become the pariahs of manly enclaves. Its all about the fat, white, christian men. They run this country.


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