Monday, September 19, 2005

Natreon: Frying Tomorrow's Foods Today!

I found this through a link that was on an article on the NY Times website.
#1 I love how they claim to have made fried foods "healthier." Fried food is as low as you can get on the healthy scale so by making it healthier that means that maybe, MAYBE you've made it about a quarter as bad as it was for you to begin with.

#2 Its creepy to think that a company like Dow is making cooking oils. This is the company that brought us Agent Orange and the Scrubbing Bubbles. Yummm.

#3 How post modern is the name Natreon. It sounds like the name of a contingency plan that the US would have in the event of nuclear holocaust.


Blogger Bobby said...

You know a year from now they'll find some polymer with a long name in this stuff that causes cancer or heart disease! ;-)

5:51 PM  

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