Monday, September 19, 2005

Strong Conservative Resolve?

I recently found this blog: If you go to read it you can see that it is a vile vile publication. However, we do have freedom of speech and this person is allowed to express his views and it is the nature of blogging that I am allowed to offer a counterpoint to his views.

So as an outspoken blogger myself I decided to post a comment to his most recent post. I would like to share it all with you verbatum however there is a problem, the publisher of the blog deleted my comment. I noticed this shortly after publishing my comment and then published another comment saying, "I thought conservatives swoop to the scene of adversity and proclaim their resolve to prevail with a bullhorn!" Again that comment was deleted and I was subsequently banned from posting any more comments on this blog.

I love that this big talking conservative Texan chickenhawk cannot battle it out with a liberal fag from New York. I thought they live for that?! I even included my email in the post and I didnt get anything. I see that the strategy of "if we ignore it it will go away" is trickling down to the conservative base. One might think that people that feel so strongly about their position would be eager to defend it against someone who disagrees with them.

This experience underlines the FACT, and yes this is a FACT, that conservatives do not use logic and they do not want to arrive at conclusions via logic. They only understand soundbites and ad hominem arguments when it comes to political discourse. When there is no exchange between idealogues, where one is forced to see it through the others view and reach a compromise, then democracy no longer exists.


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