Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Summary

  • Red ribbons anyone...anyone...anyone? Oh AIDS isn't cool anymore, apparently its been cured. Next popular issue please.

  • You know you're really gay when they show George Clooney at the oscars and you're more excited to see Meryl Streep, who doesn't age by the way, sitting behind him.

  • I wish Tom Hanks wasn't taken so seriously and would do more silly stuff.

  • Dolly Parton is a plastic surgery success story!

  • You're even more gay than previously thought when you wish you were the armrest between Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin.

  • How does one get their hands on all the animated short films? They all looked really interesting.

  • Lauren Bacall...

  • What was on Charlize Theron's shoulder?

  • Its really sad that Sandra Bullock thinks that she's a real actress.

  • Its really sad Keanu Reeves...whoa!

  • Mickey Rooney has evolved into a shar pei.

  • How many times do I have to be told to go to the movies?

  • Again, Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep!!!!!!

  • Merchant is dead!? Its just Ivory now?

  • Reese Witherspoon on her character: "She's a real woman...she has dignity and honor and she's a real woman!" Not like that dirty tranny character.

  • When will this show end?

  • How would you feel if your leitmotif was a song from a movie about a mentally challenged chocolate munching fool?

  • Crash. The sound of all the beer bottles hitting the floor at gay bars across America.

    Blogger tim said...

    OH. MI. GOD! I was staring at Meryl Streep TOO!!!! I wasn't even remotely interested in Clooney. You and I must be the same person

    11:17 PM  
    Blogger Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

    LOL... So true about Meryl!

    Frankly, I'm psyched that Ang Lee won for Director and Crash won for Movie of the Year... Any movie that can make me even remotely gain respect for Sandra Bullock deserves an Oscar in my book.

    11:32 PM  
    Blogger DanNation said...

    OH - I'm so bummed I didn't get to watch - too busy unpacking, laundry, etc...I listened from the den.

    12:07 AM  
    Blogger . said...

    I slept through most of it so thanks for the recap. I had to get some rest after doing a matinee show this afternoon and then having to be at work at 10:30 PM. I did get to see that BBM did NOT win...sigh. Can't win em all I guess.

    12:31 AM  
    Blogger tornwordo said...

    Meryl! I'm a true fag too. I think Dolly was manufactured in the Mattel's barbie factory.

    I'm glad crash won. That movie stuck with me for weeks. Thank god they had some sense.

    6:15 AM  
    Blogger jeremy said...

    I think iTunes has all of the live action shorts. Not sure about animated. Isn't the Angelika still open? I used to see all the nominated shorts there when I lived in FW.
    There were some really good shorts at Sundance this year (better than most of the feature length). Thankfully, they post them on-line. Here
    As for Crash--I forget who said it, but someone described it as a Powerpoint presentation for people who only live around people of the same color. Plus it was written by a goddam scientologist. That makes me sick.

    11:20 AM  
    Blogger Seeker Onos said...

    Crash. The sound of all the beer bottles hitting the floor at gay bars across America.

    I love the wording of that... ironic, true, and funny as hell.

    12:08 PM  
    Blogger John said...

    Sorry to be generalizing here...
    But I think that all of the fags that put together the Oscars - the lighting, hair, make-up, fashion, flowers, everything! - should just go on strike until AIDS regains awareness.

    I mean Angelina can't save the world by herself..."I'll adopt everyone and we'll all be a big, happy family!"

    This is the problem with Bush's war - it takes money and attention away from problems we were already having trouble working on. Darn you W!

    2:02 PM  

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