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Talk of Hygiene and China


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Wash your hands people! My response to the video "Ha Ha Ha America" posted on March 2nd on Yeast Radio and other thoughts on China.

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Blogger Mizez Slocombe said...

Nice, nice show, dear.

I think the problem with Dr. Feelgood's and your analyses of the Ha Ha Ha Video is that the Wen Zhou-NYC comparisons, while taunting in tone, talks of the city's (and the several of the same size) potential in the New Global Economy and the attitude of the inhabitants, not the quality of life of the city itself.

The sad thing about this, though, is that we as a human populations have let human rights become irrelevant in the pursuit of growth. Period.

The notion that America is #1 has slowly become a ruse to cover up the fact that Americans, consciously or subcosciously, value the realization of greedy personal goals over the success of necessary societal goals. For that reason, we have better shopping malls than we do schools, better marketing organizations than emergency service organizations, and a healthcare system more organized for profit than for care. This is why the response to Katrina was digustingly inadequate, and I fear for what happens if avian flu gets out-of-hand in the US.

And we have a President that dares to criticize of the 'soft bigotry of low expectations'?

2:37 AM  
Blogger Seeker Onos said...

I do think we labour under the impression that we are "number 1", when in fact we are more like #2 or #3 in most competetive areas. Or concurrently "#1" with a few of the other nations. But that status is not so imporatant.

In fact, I'd be quite content to be strong regionally, and have the power to withstand any other "superpower", simply because superpowers are not sustainable because of the scale of thier inherent corruption and greed.

The former Soviet Union is the only other example of a global superpower in history, but its descendent nations seem to be squeaking by as strong regional powers, notwithstanding many issues.

Though Ha ha ha America video is discomfitting, hitting close to home, I find it is a bit oversimplified in its view. As powerful of a regional hegemon China is, it will not be a single country that brings about the fall of America. And while it will take a consortium of "enemy countries" to reduce America down to a minor regional power (like it was prior to the 20th Century) and a good deal of time to do so.

Actually, we are doing quite a fantastic job of wreaking our own demise.

The ENEMY is NOT the Chinese, the Cubans, the Radical Islamists or Israel* or the Martians, or Outer Elbonia. Nor is it necessarily vacuous entertainment and insipid pop culture we so crave.

Not that any of those above nations or notions are really *that* concerned for our well-being, so long as we buy thier products or help defend them.

What we need is wake people up, empower them to make a difference, and start thinking of America first: education, invigoration, innovation, and defining for ourselves a view opposite to that of what is destroying us now.

Our enemies are SLOTH, IGNORANCE, and worst of all, GREED.

If we were to tackle these enemies with the same vigour, determination, and commitment to sacrifice personal comfort that our grandfathers and grandmothers tackled the Nazis and the other Axis powers 60 years ago, we would be able to wean ourselves from entangling foriegn alliances, promote trade that benefits America as well as provides value to the world...

We would be able to take away not the Islamist's bombs and ideologies, but rather, give them reasons to perhaps open up dialogues of friendship with us.

We cannot really expect to take away thier bombs, but we sure can work together to take away thier reasons and desire to use them against us.

I'd love to be able to vacation in Havana someday. Or enjoy the sights of the Chinese interior as it grows prosperous. Or rest easy knowing that my children and possible grandchildren have adequate education and access to good health care.

And not needing excessive health care because most folks are in healthy condition to begin with, nor an excessive burden to support anyone who has been psychologically or physically wounded, because our military that numbers less than 300,000 individuals is not deployed beyond our borders.

But we are not going to get there unless we take steps now, and reduce our big-box-McLifeStyle gluttony upon this land now.


(and I know I will get bitched out by the pro-Israel hawks at this point.

Actually, I love the Jewish people, as they have a fascinating and very deep culture... but c'mon... if you really think Israel is worth dying over, then by all means, do book a flight to Tel Aviv and sign up for the Israel Defense Forces. I am sure they will take you if you ask nicely). The same goes for those scrappy but loveable Palestinians. Please do not be offended... but I really don't feel the need for the USA to play world cop much more.

Ack! Sorry for stealing your blog space Adam... just felt the need to share :)

11:29 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. No one should ever feel that they are co-opting this blog by posting long, well articulated comments. I loved reading what you had to say Seeker. This blog isn't a broadcast and thus is not a one way street. Discussion is always welcome.

11:53 AM  

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