Tuesday, September 27, 2005


  • Societies Worse Off 'When They Have God on Their Side'

  • Evolution Lawsuit Opens in Pennsylvania

  • As a scientist both of these articles are of great interest to me. First of all I am thrilled to see that someone researched the correlations between social dysfunction and religion. I think that the only thing that religion does is impose ridiculous rules on people for the purpose of controlling the masses. The result is that the people in power can invoke the fear of god in the people and on the surface it appears to work. Scratch a tiny bit on that surface and you will see the true result of religion. People who wind up becoming depraved individuals due to the self hatred that results from the arbitrary stifling of personality propagated from religious doctrine.

    The second article ties in so well with the first because here we have another toxic byproduct of religion, the loss of intellect and reason. I cant imagine how I would have ever become interested in science if i had been told in school that there are things that are just so complex that god had to have created them. That does not instill a sense of exploration or curiosity when I hear that. Yes, evolution is a theory but the evidence that exists to support that theory is far more compelling than the evidence that exists to suggest that there is a god. Additionally the creationists argue that there are gaps in the theory of evolution and that creationism explains those gaps. How does one explain the biggest gap in their theory; the existence of god.

    If our children are taught that an unseen god is the explanation for all that is unknown then what will compell them to seek out the truth about the phsyical world around them? It is impossible to promote a sense of discovery and ingenuity when science is taught in absolute and reductionary terms. I cannot imagine the future of scientific research in this nation if creationism is allowed to be taught in our schools.

    Just from a superficial standpoint, isnt it far more exciting to think that we evolved from single celled organisms to lungfish to monkeys to humans? I think so. I think its absolutely amazing and the prospect of us just being plopped down on earth as part of some "design" is downright dull. Also I like to think that it is amazing that we, as species, have been able to adapt and evolve to have become so successful. To think that it was all orchestrated by a god and that the species had no capacity in itself to evolve for the sake of its survival is misanthropy in its purest form.

    The cartoon is from The New York Times c.1925, during the time of the Scopes "Monkey" Trial.


    Blogger tornwordo said...

    Okay, but where did that single cell organism come from again?

    Organized religion is a problem. Anyone who claims to know "god" can only speak for himself. Do no listen to him. It is wiser to find truth in your own experiences.

    3:23 PM  
    Blogger Adam said...

    There are a ton of theories as to the origins of single cell organisms. That is a fascinating topic. There is debate about what came first, proteins, DNA, or RNA?

    3:43 PM  
    Anonymous Liberal Larry said...

    Organized religion is causing crime and poverty because societies with crime and poverty are highly religious. Very brilliant. I can't wait for their next study on how Christianity causes foxholes.

    12:20 PM  
    Blogger Shelly said...

    hi adam. I need some liberals to come to my blog please...thanks...
    im getting called everything but a white woman over there...
    the damn christian conservative republicans are out for blood i tell ya...out for blood...

    11:29 PM  

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