Sunday, September 25, 2005


Not much to say about anything today. It was pretty quiet here in Dallas today. The sky was overcast and the clouds looked threatening but the most we felt here was the occasional wind gust. Rita just missed Dallas. If it had made landfall right at Galveston, which would have been another disaster, it would have hit Dallas.

I feel terrible about the bus incident that happened on I-45. That is just the most horrifying news story I have ever heard. I cant imagine being in that kind of situation and then surviving it.

New Orleans.... I guess it was inevitable that thed levees would breach again. I have an idea though: dont rebuild the 9th ward. Its obviously in a very unsuitable location for habitation and I dont think that it would be wise to put homes there again. In fact it would be wasteful because this is bound to happen again. Its amazing that with all our technology and knowledge of the physical world that we still cannot seem to grasp the concept that the settlers of New Orleans knew back in 1718. If you build on high ground you wont get flooded by the river or the lake when it rains and only fools build settlements below sea level when you're surrounded by water. I dont care how poor people are there are just some places where you should not even be allowed to live.

I have to say that I was again impressed with Mayor Nagin today. He was on television explaining the situation in New Orleans and he was extremely knowledgeable about the issues and how they were being handled. He even explained why he chose to have the Army Corps of Engineers block the lake from flowing into the canals with sheets of metal. Can you imagine the novel experience it was for me to see an elected official not only speaking intelligently about all the situations that were going on in his realm of jusidiction but ALSO explaining his strategy for dealing with those situations. Wow! Its like he's a leader.

Now For Something Superficial

Brad and I always seem to reserve every Saturday night for watching movies that he has never seen. Tonight it was The Bodyguard. When that movie came out I remember there was so much hype about it and everyone was going to see it. I even remember my english teacher in middle school would pontificate to the class about how it was the best movie of all time and that Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner were amazing. She even went as far as to bring in a boom box and play the soundtrack inbetween class periods.

Now I've rewatched several movies now that I am older and due to my mental development I'm able to appreciate them more. Its quite shocking how different The Crying Game appeared to me when I was 12 versus when I was 24. The Bodyguard was the reverse effect. I never thought the movie was good but I didnt know it was so BAD. The script seems as if it was written as a joke of some kind. Its especially odd how everyone always refers to the "Reagan incident." Brad brought up a good point that it was the only way they could establish the psychology of the bodyguard, his whole persona is defined by this one incident. The editing is terrible and if it werent for the presence of Houston and Costner, and the fact that it was the 90s, it would be a really bad B movie.

I used to feel bad for Houston after seeing her on Being Bobby Brown because I thought that she had fallen from the height of her fame defined from The Bodyguard. Its clear now that I was mistaken, she sucked then too.


Blogger Shelly said...

Thanks for being nice on my blog Adam. I get a lot of closet gay republicans really mad there. I get all kinds of hate email. I just say what i want and to hell with them all.
I really got into blogging cause of Jeff Gannon. I think that story is the funniest of all the scandals and corruptions that have come out of this white house...i found a web site with his "questions" he was asking Scott McClellan and they are almost verbatim with the republican talking points. It is a very interesting read. I also read religiously!! He cracks me up. I have to give him snaps for his guts though, I think I would have crawled under the nearest rock!!! But he is still out there doing his thing....and asking for money no less!!!!

11:52 AM  
Blogger The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Started re-watching films I watched when I was a teen, funny how Predator doesn't seem so good now, used to be so into Arnie!!
The other half (Culfy) and I are going to start watching films we have never seen. Never seen Casablanca or Gone with the Wind properly. 9 1/2 weeks, Taxi Driver the list goes on...

5:39 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Taxi Driver is a must see. I hadnt seen that movie until about a year ago, its amazing. You should just go on a tour of Martin Scorcese films if you havent seen much of his work.

Gone With The Wind is good but its tedious at times. There's only so much "Oh Scarlett" and "Oh Ashley" one ear can tolerate.

8:52 AM  

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