Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Species of Hominid Discovered: Clintonbush

  • Bill Clinton's Muddled Attempt to Own The Middle

  • Again you've hit it right on the head! I have been bemoaning Clintonianism in the democratic party since the election last year. This pupulist posturing that he uses trickled down to Kerry and it LOST him the election. The whole flip flop thing is a result of this Clintonian-Carville strategy to play to the middle. That may have worked in the 90s when everyone was getting rich and our biggest problems were that we wished we could all be Carrie Bradshaw but things are MUCH different now. The people want decisive leadership and its time the Democrats separate themselves from Bill and his "play to the middle" populist garbage. All he cares about is preserving his image as the benevolent caretaker of the prosperity of the 90s.

    Its time that TRUE Democrats start speaking with the same conviction and candor about their views as the right. Liberal is not a dirty word!


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